The Narrator is an online journal based at The University of York, which puts literary criticism in dialogue with creative writing, as we believe the two are mutually dependent.  This fruitfully discursive, reflexive, and collaborative approach is unique at York, giving the opportunity for students to practise their critical writing on ideas and texts not directly stemming from their curriculums.  The Narrator is supported by the F.R. Leavis fund left to the English Department by Leavis, an eminent 20th century critic, for student initiatives fulfilling his critical vision.


The Narrator has cultivated an informal community of writers who meet regularly for events such as the recent poetry reading, featuring Paul Mills and Carole Bromley as well as showcasing some of the best student written poetry from a range of journals on campus.  The Narrator has links with all the major literary societies at the university, as well as a partnership with The Durham Review of Books, edited by Ben Kirk.  Contributions come from postgraduates and undergraduates across the UK, including Bristol, Essex, Sheffield and St Andrews, to name a few. 

Past submissions have included but are not limited to: writing violence – pieces by students attending workshops of the writer Margie Orford, poetry on Zimbabwe, The Aesthetica Film Festival, Sorrentino's The Great Beauty, psychogeography, Jesus’ rhetoric, the psychology of sleep, Alice in Wonderland and the York Festival of Ideas, disability and narrativity, historical portraiture, remembrance, feminism and objectification in art, the nature of trees, and the nature of forms.


If you are interested in writing for The Narrator, or applying for an editorial position, contact Giorgia Garilli or Christian Jackson at thenarratoryork@gmail.com and join our group on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1056885391004418/?fref=ts. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheNarratorYork




Emily Willis and Sam Kaufman